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The Largest Business Federation in Finland

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises has the largest membership of all business-related federations in Finland. Today our membership consists of more than 115,000 enterprises of all sizes, from all corners of the country, and encompasses the entire business spectrum. The membership structure provides a good reflection of the structure of Finnish business as a whole.

Entrepreneurs have a vital role in keeping the wheels of Finnish society and the economy turning. We play an active role in ensuring that our political decision-makers act to improve the environment that small and medium-sized enterprises operate in. We also provide information to the public to help influence opinions and raise public awareness of entrepreneurship in Finland.

We influence and interact with Finnish decision-makers at all levels: locally, nationally and in the European Union.

Reasons to belong to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises

  • The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is a means of exerting influence. Together, we improve the status of entrepreneurs and the conditions for business. We are building a community of entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurs know how to manage their company’s business. The experts at the Federation of Finnish Enterprises know the legislation affecting business and can give advice where it’s needed.
  • Accurate information has real value. The members’ publications and online services of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises keep member entrepreneurs up to date.
  • Are you looking for business partners or like-minded entrepreneurs? The Federation of Finnish Enterprises offers a ready-made network for collaboration and cooperation.
  • Most of our membership benefits can be accessed via the members’ extranet. Some of the membership benefits offered by our partner companies require a separate contract with the company offering the benefit.

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Team Finland

 brings together all state-funded
internationalisation services.


European Economic and Social Committee EESC is organised civil society’s official consultative committee within the EU Confederation of Finnish Industries. The Federation of Finnish Enterprise has one member in the committee.
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Finland in a nutshell

5.4 million inhabitants

GDP 183 billion € 
(34,000 € per capita 2010)

Capital Helsinki
580 000 inhabitants

Currency Euro

Member of EU since 1995

- 390,920 sq. kilometres, of which 9% is fresh water
- There are 188,000 lakes
- Forest (mainly pine and spruce) covers 68% of the country

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