Events — the attention-grabbers of the digital age


As per usual, everything starts from the customer. Today, when everything is digital — or at least getting there — meeting our customers is emphasized even more, whether they are a potential or an existing customer. People appreciate face-to-face conversations to network with colleagues or other like-minded people. Customers are obviously the number one asset for any company aiming for success, and, thus, we need to take extra good care of them. Finding new leads and contacts from events is always valuable, and they help our business to grow. But everyone knows getting new customers is more expensive than keeping the old ones. That’s one reason why organizing events is great: you can have two things at once by inviting both: the potential and the existing customers.

When organizing an event, the most important thing is to create value for the attendees. With people facing a huge, continuous influx of content from social media and internet at large, it’s harder than ever to capture people’s attention. That’s the reason why the content of your event must be on point — everything else is just a plus. It’s also good to remember that everything you're doing in the event is a part of your brand’s DNA, helping to create and maintain a desired image of your brand. One great possibility about events is that they are a way to differentiate ourselves from others by doing something your competitors wouldn’t do or haven’t done yet. When you are bold and different, people will remember you.

Event marketing is an old trick but mixing it with digital is a hot trend. People have less time to go to the actual physical place where everything is happening, especially the busy entrepreneurs. That’s when digital solutions take events to the next level. Adding a webinar for a part of the event is a very good way to reach a bigger audience and give people a possibility to attend the event digitally, as well.

Visibility, visibility, visibility

So what other benefits are there besides having a face-to-face contact, creating value for the customer and being the interesting organization with digital events? One word: visibility. Even though creating brand awareness wouldn't be the main goal for your company, it never hurts to get some buzz around your brand. This is where social media comes in. Creating a social media campaign and having our own people tweet about it or creating your own hashtag for an event or even a dedicated social media channel for only a short while are all powerful and engaging ways to reach out to digital audiences. On social media, you create expectations, but, at the event, you deliver on them. Making your event go viral is amazing, but making people talk about it even a little is huge and has a more lasting impact. Think about Slush, for instance, an event which has become synonymous with possibility, passion and creation. That’s the way to grow your visibility even further and gain new audiences. If your event is able to make an emotional impact, it becomes even more memorable, inspiring people to share a special moment — a picture, a video, a witty comment — from it.

For Elo and Fennia, growing our brand visibility and awareness is extremely important. Our field of business is not necessarily the most exciting one for many people, but doing things differently and co-operating with the right stakeholders, we can make a change in another way. Collaboration with, for instance, Entrepreneurs of Finland or ArcticStartup is a great possibility to get a wider audience for our brands, which means more visibility on the entrepreneur and startup scene. Startups, growing enterprises, entrepreneurs, people willing to go after their dreams – they are the future and we want to be there to support that. What would we or even this world be without the passion of entrepreneurs?



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Noora Pitkänen

The writer is a Marketing Specialist at Elo. She is responsible for co-operation with Fennia and different kinds of Finnish, entrepreneurial organizations like Entrepreneurs of Finland.