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Examples of results

Results of our joint efforts for the benefit of entrepreneurs

  1. The entrepreneurs' influence in social decision-making has increased markedly. 
  2. The taxation burden for entrepreneurs has been reduced to encourage business and stricter taxation for owner entrepreneurs has been prevented.
  3. Improved social security for entrepreneurs related to unemployment, illness and retirement, amongst other things.
  4. The possibility for a new start for entrepreneurs with problems has improved.
  5. Entrepreneurs are valued because small and medium-sized enterprises create workplaces also in difficult times.
  6. Possibility for enterprises to provide public services.
  7. Municipalities take the entrepreneurs' prerequisites for operation into consideration.
  8. A high status of entrepreneurship in education.
  9. The long-term goal of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises to reduce barriers to employment is starting to bring results.

Examples of the results for 2015

  • Increasing the opportunities for local agreements has been recorded in the goverment programme.
  • The government programme includes an unusually high nummber of goals relevant for enterprises.
  • Help for small entrepreneurs: general payment term of 30 days in payments between companies.
  • An increased VAT minimum threshold relief.
  • The payment term of inheritance and gift tax extended from five to seven years in case of change of generation.
  • Automatic periodic inspections of environmental permits have been terminated.
  • Land extraction and environmental permit processes will be combined.
  • Discussion prompted by entrepreneurs brought results: almost one quarter of the members of parliament have a background in enterprises.