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Membership services

By becoming a member 

— you can enjoy the benefits offered by the entire federation!

Advice Services

If you need legal advice, the experts of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises are here to help. In addition to our in-house experts, you have access to a network of one hundred other professionals as well as regional advisers whom you can reach through your regional organisation. Our free advice service responds to almost 55 000 requests for advice every year.

Membership Benefits 2018

Use our membership benefits to save substantial amounts on e.g. insurance, fuel, fuel oil and accommodation and travel costs. Download the free FFE mobile membership card on your phone to take your membership and all the benefits with you wherever you go.
62 Reasons to Fall in Love with the FFE brochure (PDF)

Membership Banner

It is a good idea to tell your business partners and customers about your FFE membership. Attach your membership sticker in a visible place, such as the side of your cash register or the door to your business.
A membership banner on your company’s website will tell visitors that you are a member of the FFE.

Yrittäjäsanomat as a Membership Benefit

As a member, you will receive the Yrittäjäsanomat newspaper for members 6 times a year or you can subscribe to the Yrittäjä trade magazine at a discount membership price. You will also receive an e-newsletter by e-mail.

Online Services

Our online services provide support in issues related to business operations and the latest information every day: news for entrepreneurs, forms, pay schedules, counters and a wide range of useful information on various topics relating to entrepreneurship.

Document Bank

Members can choose from the wide selection of document and agreement templates in our document bank to save and use free of charge.
Browse the document database (in Finnish)
In English
     •Register privacy statement 
     •Agreement on disclosing personal data 
     •Data processing agreement

Synergia and Business Search

Synergia is a service for the mutual interaction between members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.
The service also includes a Business Search that is available to all.

Check or update your business information in the membership register (in Finnish)

Skills Development

Refresh your know-how in the training events organized by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises: webinars via your own device, morning and afternoon training sessions and seminars. FFE members receive a 30–40% discount on the regular price for all representatives of the member business.

Great educators, a relaxed group of entrepreneurs — come and join us!

Recognition Awards

An outstanding career as an entrepreneur? The Federation of Finnish Enterprises Order of Entrepreneurs is the perfect mark of honour.

Recognition of an employee? The Order of Merit for an employee is a great way for an entrepreneur to award long-serving employees. It is a lasting memory of the work that has been done and also an incentive to continue in the future.