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Membership services

By joining a local entrepreneurs association, your company is entitled to the benefits offered by the entire organisational network.

As a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, your company will receive all the necessary information in a readily accessible form. When problems arise, members can receive
expert advice, which is included in the membership fee. Examples of services, which are vital to entrepreneurs include: free legal advice on employment legislation, contract law, and corporate taxation. Each member also receives the Federation’s publications and newsletters. They offer additional support to the benefits received from consultation services.

Regular publications include the membership newspaper Suomen Yrittäjäsanomat and the YrittäjäInfo newsletter, which focuses on legal issues. These are both included in the yearly membership fee. The Federation also publishes the professional magazine Yrittäjä, which is available by subscription.

The Federation’s website combines comprehensive information and news aimed at the entrepreneur. The site also includes Yrityspörssi, a marketplace for those interested in buying or selling a business. There are also internet services exclusively for members of the Federation.

The membership fees

Examples of the membership fees for 2018 are

  • €160 per year for a sole trader
  • €355 for businesses with 6–7 employees
  • €512 per year for businesses with
    10–19 employees.

The member trade associations of the Federation determine their own fee rates.