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Business Information, Number Enquiries and GDPR Services

Asiakastieto offers FFE members e.g. a GDPR service and a Value Report at a membership price, free number search, contract customership without an annual fee and other benefits.

GDPR Service

Ensure the GDPR compliance of your company registers easily and inexpensively using our GDPR service. Login to our service, upload your personal data registers as files into the service and determine access rights. At the same time, you can remove overlapping and outdated data from your register and make your customer register a sales tool that is always up-to-date.

Prices for FFE members starting from EUR 30/month.

» Read more by first logging in with your member ID at the top of the yrittajat.fi front page. Once you have logged in, you can read more on this page.

Free Internet number search

Asiakastieto offers the members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises free Internet number search. The search function is available on the website of the Federation’s on-line service. Performing a search requires logging in to the member pages with the member number of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

Asiakasoptimi service

With Asiakasoptimi, entrepreneurs can easily see where cash flow is coming from and receive further information on cash flow management. The Asiakasoptimi service requires registration. User IDs are sent to the users.

» Read more about Asiakasoptimi and order user IDs.

Value report

The members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises receive the value report at a membership price: standing order €400 (normal price €650) and single order €450 (normal price €700). The value report determines the company’s value using Asiakastieto’s model and the tax authorities’ model and also contains many other parameters about the target company’s sector.

» Read more about the value report.

Asiakastieto’s contract customership

Members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises receive contract customership without an annual fee for the first year and a Prepaid benefit worth €30 for paying for information searches. The value of the benefit is €290. The benefit is available to new customers.

» Read more about how to become a contract customer.

Read more about Suomen Asiakastieto’s services at www.asiakastieto.fi

Our customer service is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the number +358 10 270 7200.