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Employee benefits

Eazybreak offers members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises up to a 60 percent discount on the mobile app for employee benefits offered by employers. The service makes it easy to use and manage electronic lunch vouchers, motivation vouchers for sports and cultural services and commute vouchers.

According to a decision issued by the tax administration, employee benefits may only be utilised in companies where employees are paid monetary wages. Self-employed entrepreneurs are therefore not eligible for the Eazybreak membership benefit.

Members who start to use Eazybreak by 1 April 2018 will receive an additional discount of EUR 5 per month on the price of the service until the end of 2018.

Eazybreak prices for members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises 2017—2018:

  • EUR 5/month + EUR 1.20/month/employee (incl. lunch, commute, motivation benefits)
  • FFE members who register by 1 April 2018 may use the service without the EUR 5 monthly fee until the end of 2018.

Normal Eazybreak prices (2017)

  • EUR 20/month + EUR 3.05/month/employee (→ discount for members EUR 15/month + EUR 1.85/month/employee)
  • EUR 1.35/month/employee (lunch)
  • EUR 1.05/month/employee (motivation)
  • EUR 0.65/month/employee (commute)

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