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Fuels Teboil

Use the FFE member card with a magnetic stripe to get a cash discount of 2.2 cents/litre (incl. VAT) on petrol and diesel and 10% off Teboil lubricants (max. 10-litre containers).
With a Teboil company card, a discount of 2.7 cents per litre (incl. VAT) on petrol and diesel and 10% off lubricants (max. 10-litre containers), chemical products for vehicles, LP gas and car washes 10 %.
No interest or account management charges are applied to purchases made with the Teboil company card. Discounts do not apply to unmanned net price-based Teboil Express stations or to unmanned ʻDʼ stations.
For instructions on applying the company card, please visit the member pages at yrittajat.fi.
More information: Anne-Maria Paavola tel. 020 470 0739 or anne-maria.paavola@teboil.fi
Teboil heating oil and off-road diesel at competitive contract prices.

  • Ask for price offer and place an order:  call +358 (0)800 183 301 (Finnish) or +358 (0)800 183 20 (Swedish).
  • You can also email your order at tilauskeskus@teboil.fi.

When ordering, state your FFE membership number. Minimum order quantity: 1,000 litres.