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FENNIA provides a broad range of membership benefits for insuring both your company and your family. Take full advantage of your membership and make use of our comprehensive benefits!

Benefits concerning new insurance policies as from 1 Jan. 2018

Insurance Cover for Company Operations and Assets

Our Yritysturva solution is specially designed for small companies (less than 10 employees) that are members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The specially priced solution brings additional benefits, such as double the regular amount of indemnity under a business interruption insurance due to an accident. In addition, you may take out an expanded legal expenses insurance policy without an additional cost and enjoy a benefit concerning the company luggage insurance.

Insurance Cover for the Entrepreneur and Employees

You and your employees are your company’s most valuable assets. To safeguard them, we offer you the following benefits:

  • 50% discount on the daily allowance component premium for health insurance
  • 20% increase on permanent disability compensation
  • 50% increase on life insurance compensation
  • Additional cover in the accident insurance for the self-employed under a specially priced full-time accident insurance (“Täysajan tapaturmavakuutus”).

Vehicle Insurance

A 45% discount and a 70% bonus on “Laaja Fenniakasko” and “Premiumkasko” motor vehicle insurance for cars and vans in private use as well as a free glass insurance with a 100-euro excess.

Home and Family Insurance

By centralising your home and family insurance with Fennia, you will receive the largest possible Fenniabonus, i.e. a discount based on claim-free years. The discount will be 14% or 24%, depending on how many insurance policies you have. In addition, you will receive a 15—20% discount on most of your home insurance policies. The benefits also include a franchise deductible on the home insurance and hole-in-one insurance.

Fennia is a long-standing partner of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. Choose us as your company insurance expert to manage your entire insurance portfolio!


More details concerning member benefits and insurance policies: