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The Sopimuskone

Suomen Sopimustieto continues to digitalize the society and is now increasing responsibility between both humans and enterprises. The technology created by the company enables you to draw up sales contracts, minutes of proceedings, and various other documents using preset templates. The service already has more than 10,000 users.

As a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises you receive a discount of €100 on the first annual payment for the service package consisting of the Sopimuskone and SopimusSign services. As a membership benefit, the annual price also includes a more extensive document package.

Test the Sopimuskone here!

With the comprehensive service provided by Sopimustieto your company can handle the entire document chain within a single service including drawing up the documents, commenting, electronic signatures, and archival.

  • With Sopimuskone, agreements and documents can be easily drawn up without the help of a lawyer
  • Technology makes it easier and faster to draw up documents
  • The content created by lawyers can be used to draw up various types of high-quality documents from minutes of proceedings to customer agreements
  • You can use the information services to check the creditworthiness of your customers and see other types of business information with just two clicks at the exact moment you require them
  • With SopimusChat you can draft and comment on documents in cooperation with your customers

SopimusSign is an electronic signature method integrated into the Sopimuskone service

SopimusSign enables signing documents from anywhere in the world. The service provides two options to use for electronic signatures:

  • SopimusSign Easy, an electronic signature method that provides a technical time stamp without separate identification
  • SopimusSign Strong, an electronic signature method that uses a strong identification process based on bank identifiers or mobile certificate

Both signature methods are legally valid and both can be used to sign documents with a smart phone or computer. You can also use SopimusSign to sign your own agreements and documents stored as PDF files.

Automated Archival

The documents created and signed using the service are automatically stored into your company’s Sopimustili account. You can also import your own PDF documents into the archive.