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Other services

Training service

By taking advantage of the training and education services offered by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, you can get the latest information on taxation, contract law and employment issues and you’ll improve your company’s marketing, sales, management and finance skills, all at reduced member rates. Training sessions are conducted in small groups and seminar settings. Training is carried out by Suomen Yrittäjien Sypoint Oy. Training sessions are held in Finnish or Swedish. Find out more at www.yrittajat.fi/koulutus.

Professional publications

Tietosykli Oy is the publishing arm of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. It publishes literature on current and professional topics aimed at SMEs. Its authors are respected professionals in their fields. Most publications are in Finnish. You can purchase publications at discounted member prices at www.yrittajat.fi/kirjallisuus.

Enterprise Market and Business Sale Matchmaker

Enterprise Market and Business Sale Matchmaker are expert services for those planning to buy or sell businesses. Business Sale Matchmaker is an operating model aimed at helping enterprises in a change of ownership, after an initial plan for the sale of the business has come into being between the buyer and seller. Its operating model is best suited to companies employing between 1 and 5 people. Additional information on these services is available at www.yritysporssi.fi and www.yrittajat.fi/puhemies.

The Order of Entrepreneurs and the Order of Merit

Entrepreneurship is a tough field. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises wishes to recognise those who have worked hard to promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship by awarding medals to deserving applicants.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises Order of Entrepreneurs and the Order of Merit are an excellent way to commemorate long-serving entrepreneurs and employees. A business may also honour its staff with the Federation of Finnish Enterprises Order of Merit, which is the counterpart to the Order of Entrepreneurs. Order of Merit medals may be awarded to commemorate an important anniversary of a business or on a special occasion for an individual employee.

More details and application forms at www.yrittajat.fi/huomionosoitukset