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The small and medium-sized enterprises

The cornerstone of our economy

Finland has a total of 283 563 enterprises (2016 figures, excluding agriculture), of which 98,8 % are SMEs employing less than 50 people. 93,3 % of Finnish companies have fewer than 10 employees.

The role of SMEs in Finnish employment and the economy is quite significant. Of all private-sector employees, as many as 65 % work for companies employing fewer than 250 people. These enterprises generate about 50 % of the combined turnover of all Finnish businesses. SMEs are responsible for more than 16% of Finland’s export revenue.

The pro-portion of entrepreneurs in Finland is below the EU and OECD average. The same is also true regarding the number of people who plan to start their own companies. The fact that fewer people in Finland intend to choose entrepreneurship as a career, when compared to other countries, is somewhat
surprising as many surveys show entrepreneurship is held in high regard within Finland.

» The small and medium-sized enterprise sector in a nutshell (pdf-file)