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National advice line

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Phone weekdays 09 229 222 for our free advice service – there’s an expert on the other end of the phone line!

Our free telephone advice service provides a variety of expert business advice and guidance. Employment law related matters are the most frequently sought category of advice. Issues concerning company law, contractual matters and taxation can also require expert advice.

In addition to the in-house advisors at Suomen Yrittäjät, you’ll have access to nearly a hundred of the top business consultants in Finland. For our members, it’s important to get an answer to their problems fast. We aim to provide problem solving advice over the phone.

You can reach our advice line by ringing the Suomen Yrittäjät switchboard on 09 229 222 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When you ring us, have your membership number ready. You’ll find it either on your membership card, the address labels on your membership newsletters or your membership renewal invoices. Tell us what you’re calling about and your membership number. Your call will be connected to an expert who can help with your problem. Please note that the service may be subject to periods of high demand.

“Don’t sit and struggle with business-related problems on your own. Be brave and get in touch with us – we’ll get it sorted!”

If you require advice in English, please say so when you ring the switchboard! 

A wide range of advice and guidance

Employment law

  • advice on collective agreements
  • employment contracts
  • working hours
  • salary structures
  • content of collective agreements, generally binding agreements
  • employer’s contributions
  • Act on Co-operation within Undertakings

Company law and general advice

  • company types
  • consumer protection
  • bookkeeping and auditing
  • data protection
  • dispute resolution
  • settlement procedure

Contract law

  • business contracts
  • operating agreements
  • real estate and construction
  • transport and haulage

Taxation and VAT

  • value-added tax
  • business taxation
  • taxation on capital income

International trade

  • EU and international trade
  • trading with Russia
  • trading with the USA
  • trading with Latin America
  • international network of consultants
  • in nearly 30 countries


  • bankruptcy
  • restructuring
  • debt restructuring
  • credit-related matters

Environmental matters

  • environmental protection
  • environmental damage
  • waste management
  • official obligations

Inheritance and ownership

  • taxation
  • law of inheritance
  • finding a new owner
  • Enterprise Market and Business Sale Matchmaker services


  • training opportunities for entrepreneurs and funding for training
  • qualifications in entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneur’s learning agreement
  • staff training
  • on-site learning
  • organisations

Social security for entrepreneurs

  • pension-related matters
  • illness
  • occupational health
  • incapacity
  • unemployment

Market, industrial and competition law

  • competition
  • public procurement
  • copyright
  • IT law
  • patents, trademarks, design protection etc.

“Just one call to our advice line can be worth your annual membership fee.”