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Company Alarm Systems

Verisure provides professionally controlled, smart burglar, fire and leak alarm systems and services that allow entrepreneurs to secure their business operations. Our service includes a free security survey visit, which serves as the basis for making a fixed-rate offer for securing the business.

We always tailor a suitable package solution for each entrepreneur at a predictable monthly fee so that there are no unpleasant surprises in terms of extra or hidden costs, such as guard visits. In addition to your company and personnel, you can use the services of Verisure to protect your home and family at a discount as a member of the FFE.

Benefit to members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises:

  • Free company security survey
  • EUR 100 discount on the installation and connection fee of the Verisure alarm system of your choice

The benefit can be used whenever a Verisure system is installed in the premises of a member company of the FFE or a member’s home. So an entrepreneur with multiple offices can utilise the benefit on all of its premises. Membership of the FFE is verified during the security survey by presenting an FFE membership card.


The only system in the market that sees, hears, speaks and feels

We offer your company burglar, personal, fire and leak alarm security. Verisure’s own alarm control centre processes alarms immediately 24/7. The Verisure alarm system is the only service in the market that sees, hears, speaks and feels. The more sources an officer on duty at the alarm control centre has access to when assessing a situation, the faster help can be dispatched.

Read more and order Verisure’s company security survey free of charge: www.verisure.fi/suomenyrittajat