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Membership Benefits — Fuels: Teboil

With the Suomen Yrittäjät member card you will get 2.2 cents (including VAT) off petrol and diesel at all Teboil service stations and self-service stations. The discount is not available at Express stations. 10% off Teboil lubricants (excluding containers of over 10 litres) 

You can also link your member card to MobilePay, giving you the same benefits as when paying by card. At present, MobilePay works when paying indoors in all service stations.

With the Teboil Corporate Card you get the following Suomen Yrittäjät benefit: 2.7 cents/litre (including VAT) off petrol and diesel and 10% off lubricants (excluding containers of over 10 litres), vehicle chemicals, liquefied natural gas and car washes.

The benefits do not apply to net-priced Teboil Express self-service stations or D self-service stations. No interest or account management fee is charged when you pay using the Teboil Corporate Card.

» Find instructions for applying for the card and linking it to MobilePay by signing into the member pages at the top of the page.  

Further information: Katja Hagfors, tel. 020 4700 398 or katja.hagfors@teboil.fi

Members can get Teboil Heating Oil and motor fuel oil at a competitive Suomen Yrittäjät contractual price.

  • Ask for a quote or order by calling 0800 183 301 or, for service in Swedish, 0800 183 20.
  • You can also order by email via tilauskeskus@teboil.fi.

Please provide your Suomen Yrittäjät member number when ordering. The minimum volume per order is 1,000 litres.