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Work pension services

Entrepreneur’s social security and pension

Your YEL (entrepreneur’s pension) contributions and your future pension are based on the income you declare for YEL purposes. You should set an appropriate income for YEL purposes, because it brings you security during your career long before you retire. This income affects your pension level but also sickness allowance, parental leave, unemployment benefit and rehabilitation.

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With the YEL calculator, you can easily compare the effect of different YEL incomes on the amount of your insurance contribution, pension and social security.

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Elo’s pension insurance services

» Self-employed person: YEL insurance
» Employer: TyEL insurance

Contact us: TyEL and YEL insurance, tel. +358 (0)20 694 730, online services at

Work ability management services

Work ability management is a proactive, goal-oriented and long-term activity that promotes employees’ work ability and supervisors’ ability to supervise work. It reduces costs associated with sickness absences and disability and increases your company’s productivity. Elo’s services facilitate knowledge-based management and help your company take effective measures. We offer surveying tools, training courses, vocational rehabilitation and support by experts for companies of all sizes and in all stages of growth.

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Corporate financing services

Elo’s corporate financing experts will help you in matters related to your company’s financing. We offer diverse financing options for companies of various sizes to support growth and internationalisation, corporate acquisitions and changes of ownership as well as investments.

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Contact us: Corporate financing services, tel. +358 (0)20 703 5843, yritysrahoitus@elo.fi

Commercial and residential premises rentals

Are you looking for office space, business premises, warehouse space or production facilities? Elo is a reliable partner for leasing commercial and residential premises.

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Elo is a partner of Suomen Yrittäjät. Choose Elo, an employment pension company with a truly positive service approach!

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