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With the smart technology it develops, SOPIMUSTIETO is changing the way companies draw up and sign contracts for the better. 

Sopimuskone, developed by Sopimustieto, is a new digital Suomen Yrittäjät tool for creating, electronically signing and archiving contracts. The service’s technology makes it possible to create customer contracts, meeting minutes and other documents using shortcuts. Companies can use the service to create their own contracts or take advantage of the legal materials it offers. Over 17,000 users are already creating, signing and archiving documents using Sopimuskone. 

Suomen Yrittäjät members get a €100 discount on the Sopimuskone technology and its legal materials.  The price for the first year for members is just €199 (normally €299). In addition, the annual price includes a larger package of documents. 

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SOPIMUSKONE – an easy-to-use tool for the Suomen Yrittäjät member 

  • easily draw up high-quality contracts and other agreements  
  • electronic signature 
  • automatic archiving 

With Sopimuskone, a company can deal with the entire document chain in one place and 100% electronically. 

With Sopimuskone 

  • technology eases and speeds up document creation 
  • every business-owner can create quality dcuments all the way from meetings of minutes to customer contracts 
  • the information services allow the business-owner to check a client’s creditworthiness and other company information with just two clicks, helping keep the business operational 

SopimusSign, an electronic signature facility built in to Sopimuskone 

SopimusSign allows you to sign documents anywhere in the world. The service offers you two ways to sign electronically: 

  • SopimusSign Helppo, an electronic signature option which applies a technical timestamp and does not require separate authentication 
  • SopimusSign Vahva, an electronic signature with strong authentification using bank codes or mobile verification 

Both signature options have legal force, and both can be used either on a computer or smartphone. You can also use SopimusSign to sign your own PDF contracts or documents. 

Automatic archiving 

The documents you create and sign on Sopimuskone are automatically archived in your company’s Sopimustili account, and you can reuse the materials you have created by copying documents. You can also import your own PDF documents to the archive.