How to grow your business with a Lean Innovation approach - workshop

How to grow your business with a Lean Innovation approach - workshop


1.10.2019 | 17:00 to 19:00


Helsinki Think Company - Center


Free of charge for everyone
In English

Too many new companies fail because they waste time and effort building the wrong product and/or pursuing the wrong business model. What if there was a process that allowed you to quickly and gradually build your business, and with each step learning and discovering whether you’re on the right track?

But wait, that’s exactly what The Lean Startup is supposed to be doing!

Based on the principle of continuous improvement through validated learning, The Lean Startup methodology provides a structured approach to creating new, innovative products or services. It’s not just for startups, but can be applied by any entrepreneur attempting to build a sustainable business model around their offerings. 

Join us for this workshop on Lean Innovation. After a short introduction to Lean in general and The Lean Startup in particular, we will focus on practical tools and methods that you can immediately utilize to grow your own business.

The workshop is hosted by Christoph Rabl, who uses his past experience in building a Finnish  EdTech startup to help both startups and traditional companies with Lean Innovation.