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Matchmaking event for Finnish and Estonian companies

Matchmaking event for Finnish and Estonian companies


20.5.2021 | 15:00 to 19:00


BusinessMaker platform


Free of charge.
In English

Would you like to expand your business to Estonia or to Finland? Would you like to find experts who could help you to enter the markets? This online Matchmaking event is for Finnish and Estonian companies who want to expand their business.

Event is open for market entry -experts, agents and companies in manufacturing industries in Estonia and Finland!

Register yourself, log in and describe what you are seeking and offering. Decide with whom you want to meet up with. Choose up to 10 one-on-one meetups, 15 min each.

This event is done in cooperation with BusinessMaker platform. It's all about matchmaking and you get to choose your meeting partners. We do everything else. Come and enjoy! 


2.45pm Common platform opens
The common platform opens. Testing microphones and cameras. 

3pm Welcome to the Matchmaking event
Anneli Komi, CEO, BusinessMaker Solutions Oy.

3.05pm Entering to Finnish markets
Aide Tõnts, Export Adviser, Estonian Trade Development Agency.

3.15pm Market opportunities in central Finland and how NIHAK Development company can help companies
Toni Krankkala, CEO Nihak

3.25pm Business opportunities in metropolitan area of Finland and how NewCo Helsinki can help entrepreneurs and companies.
Valdar Liive, Business Advisor NewCo Helsinki.

3.35pm Entering Estonian Markets
Andres Huul, Maakondlike Arenduskeskuste Võrgustik, County Development Centres.

3.45pm What to expect when doing business international? Experiences by international company.
Irina Viitala, CEO Wannado.

3.55pm Digilization allows entrepreuners internationalize easily
Aicha Manai, The federation of finnish entrepreneurs.

4.05pm How to finance international business and how consultant could help?
Antti Leijala, Executive Director Ultra Lean Business Ltd.

4.15pm Introductions for one-on-one meetings
Jonina Korander / BusinessMaker

4.30pm One-on-one meetups starts
Moving to the one-on-one meetups. Common platform stays open for guided networking. Possibility to introduce your company and create one-on-one meetups. 

7pm One-on-one meetups ends
Meetups ends according to the participants own timeschedule. Common platform and group rooms closes at 7pm.