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Master Your Business

Master Your Business


31.8.2021 | 10:00 to 8.10.2021 | 15:00


The Shortcut (or online depending on the Covid-19 situation)
In English

Master Your Business is a free training program organized by Suomen Yrittäjät and The Shortcut. The program consists of several training days, you are welcome to attend all of them or just a few. All you need to do is have a business, a curious mind and be ready to learn and meet new people! At the moment it looks like that the events will be held online because of the Covid situation.

Part 1, 31st August, 10:00 - 15:00
Marketing and Branding for Growth

This is an interactive workshop focusing on how to do qualitative research, competitive analysis and branding for your business. The workshop includes group work, hands-on practice, networking and feedback sessions.

You will receive toolkits to:

* Understand the real pain points of your customers
* Find the gap in the market
* Position your company better
* The smart tricks to amplify your communications

Speaker: Ling Choi

Ling is a Digital Strategist at The Shortcut. She always approaches her audience in a human-centered manner. Having experiences working in a startup and international companies, entrepreneurship is always close to her heart.

Part 2, 16th September, 9:00 - 12:00
Behavior Design

Behaviour Design is a new discipline concerned with practical approaches to behavioural change. It combines behavioural science with design thinking methods. The focus in this class is digital technology as an extension of behaviour.

We will cover:

* What is behaviour design and how it works in a digital world
* Behaviour design ethics and Dark Patterns
* Overview of core behaviour change elements, such as motivation
* The Behaviour Design Canvas method and how to use itThis class includes theory and discussions, so come prepared for a mental workout!

After the workshop (first 1.5hr) we will run a 1.5 hr group work where you can network with each other, work on the canvas together and receive feedback.

Speaker: Ashwin Rajan

Ashwin Rajan is a psychologist and interaction designer. He has over twenty years experience helping all kinds and sizes of organizations with digital innovation and transformation. Read more about him here:

Part 3, 22nd September, 9:30 - 15:00
Corporate responsibility – What it is and what it isn’t

In this workshop we will go through:

* What you can do as a small business ownerWhat is “sustainability” and why should anyone care?
* Examples of corporate responsibility – discussion on the differences
* Common topics and frameworks
* “We are now carbon neutral” – a look into this often seen statement, inc. compensation
* Biodiversity – quick good-to-knows
* Group work
* Communicating corporate responsibility – do’s and dont’s

Speaker: Juuso Lautiainen, Partnership Manager at WWF Finland¨

Juuso is a sustainability professional with years of experience in different sustainability and corporate responsibility topics and has worked or engaged with dozens of companies across sectors. At WWF Juuso works with companies in e.g. retail, household goods, gaming, and food and restaurant sectors, covering variety of topics related to biodiversity and climate change. Prior to WWF Juuso worked in a technology start-up focusing on consumer circular economy solutions.

Part 4, 8th October, 9:00 - 12:00
From seed funding to the next funding round

The road from seed to A round is a tricky one, lots of variables to manage and a strong focus on execution. Join the workshop to discuss how VC can help you to reach the next funding round and what it means to work with a hands-on investor.

Speaker: Andrea Di Pietrantonio, Portfolio Operations Director at Inventure

After 4 years in sales and business development at the fintech platform Invesdor, where he started as the first employee , Andrea joined Inventure focusing on value creation activities for the portfolio. He spends his time with Inventure’s portfolio companies to help streamline processes and access knowledge to facilitate growth.

Funding options & Service from Business Finland

Business Finland offers funding for research, product development, and many kinds of business development needs, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Come and find out what funding opportunities there are and how to apply for them.

Note: participants need to fulfill at least these basic criteria in order to be eligible for funding:

* A minimum team of 2 full-time persons
* Realistic chance of internationalization within a semi-short timeframe, meaning there has to be sufficient funds for internationalization
* A company must have an innovative product/service with international competitive advantage. An idea is not sufficient on its own
* The company must strive for internationalization and have unique solutions or characteristic

Speaker: Robin Tiivola, Business Coach at Business Finland

For more information please contact heiju.simola(a)