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YEL – cracking the code

  • Suomen Yrittäjät

YEL is often perceived as difficult to understand and an unnecessary additional expense. The goal of this workshop is to understand what YEL really is all about!

Welcome to this breakfast event organized by Suomen Yrittäjät and Elo pension insurance company! 

This workshop will give you answers to many questions like; what is YEL, when sould I pay it, why should I pay it, when and how do I benefit from paying it etc.

The workshop consists of 3 parts. You will have a possibility to ask many questions, hear some basics and dig a little deeper in the world of YEL and at the end go through some case studies with your peer entrepreneurs!

We will also serve you breakfast so you will have the energy to crack the code of YEL!

The workshop is a co-operation with

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