In our guide we tell you

  • How do I choose right type of company in Finland?
    Sole trader, limited partnership or limited liability company?
    Where to get help when thinking about which type of company to register.

  • How do i write a business plan?
    Don't be afraid of doing a business plan - this is how to do it easily
    Why do a business plan?

  • How do I apply for initial funding?
    What you must do to receive initial funding?

  • Company registration form
    How to fill in the company registration form — 8 essentials

  • Permits and notifications a new entrepreneur should remember

  • How do I set up correct invoicing for my business?
    Quick guidance for a new entrepreneur

  • What are an entrepreneur's obligations?
    6 things an entrepreneur must always see to

  • Marketing checklist
    Do you want customers to find your product or service? How should I invest in marketing?

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