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Reasons to belong to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises

  •  The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is a means of exerting influence. Together, we improve the status of entrepreneurs and the conditions for business. We are building a community of entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurs know how to manage their company’s business. The experts at the Federation of Finnish Enterprises know the legislation affecting business and can give advice where it’s needed.
  • Accurate information has real value. The members’ publications and online services of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises keep member entrepreneurs up to date.
  • Are you looking for business partners or like-minded entrepreneurs? The Federation of Finnish Enterprises offers a ready-made network for collaboration and cooperation.
  • Most of our membership benefits can be accessed via the members’ extranet. Some of the membership benefits offered by our partner companies require a separate contract with the company offering the benefit.

We will send you our new members’ letter around a week after receiving your message, and shortly thereafter you will receive a membership fee invoice along with your membership card.

It's worth to be a part of this organisation!

The annual fee covers membership for 12 months from the date of accession.