THE COMPETITION HAS ENDED. We received 96 nominations. THE WINNER WAS ANNOUNCED ON 11.12.2019.


The aim of the Suomen Yrittäjät Migrant Entrepreneur of the Year competition is to acknowledge and highlight entrepreneurs who have moved to Finland.

  • When choosing the winner, the story is given more weight than business results.
  • The chosen winner will have found a way to do business in Finnish society, despite the challenges of language barriers and cultural differences.
  • They will be an engaging example to other immigrants and respected in his or her own community.
  • Their business must be profitable and have growth prospects.
  • The entrepreneur must have taken care of all their legal obligations concerning the business and must have a solid reputation
  • This entrepreneur will convey a positive attitude to life and business.
  • The chosen winner may either operate a single-person business or be an employer, or even a pair or team of entrepreneurs.

Who can nominate the winner?

Anyone may submit a nomination in Finnish or English by 20 November. Suomen Yrittäjät will process the nominations, after which a dedicated jury will choose the winner and runners-up from among five finalists. The winner will receive a €3,000 prize from the Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, while those awarded second and third place will receive a certificate.

To be nominated for the competition, the immigrant entrepreneur must meet the following conditions:

  • - The entrepreneur was not born in Finland.
  • - Their native langauge is not Finnish, Swedish or Saame.
  • - The business’s finances must be in order.
  • - The entrepreneur has registered a business in Finland which has been operational for at least three years.
  • - A pair or team of entrepreneurs may be nominated for the competition. A single-person business may also be nominated.
  • - A member of the Suomen Yrittäjät immigrant entrepreneur network management team may not be nominated.

» You may nominate an entrepreneur by using this form.