Benefits offered by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises members in 2017:

• Free Internet number search
• Asiakasoptimi service
• Value report
• Asiakastieto’s contract customership

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As a member of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises you get loads of valuable benefits.

Our regional organisations also provide benefits to their members. To use the member benefits:

  • You must hold a valid Federation of Finnish Enterprises membership card, equipped with your membership number.
  • Always present your membership card when asked.
  • The membership number must be given when using the membership benefits, if requested.
  • As necessary, you may also have to use the product code or reservation number issued by the company offering the benefit.
  • The fuel benefit is available with the company credit card of the oil company, and in addition, you are eligible for a cash discount from Teboil with the FFE membership card.

For more information: 

Leena Niemimäki, tel. 09 2292 2821,
Johanna Hallikainen, tel. 09 2292 2925,

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