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Membership benefits and services

Membership in an entrepreneur organization is much more than just having a membership card. It also offers information, support and networks. As a member, you receive a wealth of member benefits and services with monetary value.  Your partners include almost 3,000 member enterprises of Päijät-Hämeen Yrittäjät and more than 115,000 companies that are members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

Six great reasons for becoming a member!

1. The voice of entrepreneurs
We make your voice heard nationally, regionally and locally.

2. Take advantage of the network
You'll find support, friends and business partners among the 3,400 entrepreneur colleagues in Päijät-Hämeen Yrittäjät. The events are great for networking, and the Synergia business search service offers you a channel for marketing your business online.

3. Entrepreneur's databank
Make use of the real-time online responses to your questions concerning entrepreneurship and receive news directly to your e-mail address. Two magazine subscriptions are also included.

4. Free phone advice line
Our nationwide and regional experts are at your disposal every business day.

5. Affordable training
Targeted training to support entrepreneurs' business operations – also free of charge.

6. Savings
Your company needs fuel, insurance, hotel accommodation, payment terminals and services, as well as electricity. Take advantage of the member benefits and save money!