Fly SME 


Fly SME Programme supports SMEs in developing their own startup culture with the goal of driving innovation and successful startup collaboration. This program is based on four 2-hour webinars. Language used will be English.

Each module will be hosted by ArcticStartup and mentors. Modules include tailored tasks for SMEs.

The serie of webinars will be free to join for everyone.

Programme is powered by Fennia and Elo. The Fennia Group consists of Fennia, Fennia Life and Fennia Asset Management Ltd. Together the companies offer their clients competitive, high-quality non-life and life insurance and asset management services. Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company is a customer-owned employment pension company that manages the statutory employment pension insurance of one third of all Finnish companies and 40% of self-employed persons in Finland.

Arctic15 will take place in Helsinki in the end of May. Fly SME participants can purchase tickets for 350€ (normal 500€). Arctic15 is a startup business event which gathers 1500—2000 attendees every year.

More info about the event:  You do not need to attend Arctic15 if you join the webinars.

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Module 1: Startup Mindset & Startup Culture Within The SME

Let us understand first what a startup is, what mindset, culture and processes it takes to be successful. Is there a general definition that fits all or do we have to distinguish – and how can we implement certain parts of startups within SMEs? What does such a process require; what steps are necessary and which pitfalls should be avoided? There are many benefits to adapting a startup culture - being lean, more agile, faster and more efficient - In this module we will discuss what steps can and should be taken by SMEs to profit from the “startup way”

Module 2: Startup – SME Collaboration

Many of the big players and more and more SMEs enter collaborations with startups. A fruitful partnership benefits both parties and together much can be achieved. At least in theory. Reality has many examples that went wrong. But what is the reason behind failure and what can be done to make a collaboration successful? In module 2 we analyse successful collaborations and compare them with unsuccessful ones? We also highlight mandatory arrangements and necessary steps that have to be taken before, throughout and after the process of collaboration.

Module3: Pitching Your Startup Culture Internally & Externally

Pitching is part of a startup’s daily business but this skill should definitely be mastered by all of us. The basic behind pitching is to present one's business, product, service etc in a clearly structured and goal oriented way. This is the focus of the 3rd module. How to build up an effective pitch and how to deliver it with success? We analyse this skill from different angles; discussing what it takes to pitch your startup agenda externally to media, investors and potential collaboration partners. And equally analysing what is necessary to pitch your projects internally to relevant stakeholders.

Module 4: How To Hack Events

Startup related events are a great place to get to know the ecosystem, understand latest trends and identify potential collaboration partners. Making most out of these events requires preparation and a strategic approach. In module 4 we will highlight all necessary steps – how to prepare, set goals, identify key players, use time efficiently at the event and track follow-ups successfully after the event. In connection with module 4 participants of this program can purchase optionally tickets for Arctic15 at a special discount. Arctic15 is a great opportunity to put everything learned during Fly SME into practice.