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The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki

The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki (Helsingin Yrittäjät) is dynamic organization of more than 5 000 business owners in the Helsinki city area. Our members are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The role of SMEs in Finland’s employment and economy is significant.

The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki is one of the 20 regional organizations of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, which is the largest and most influental business federation in Finland. Today our membership consists of more than 115,000 enterprises of all sizes, from all corners of the country, and encompasses the entire business spectrum. The membership structure provides a good reflection of the structure of Finnish business as a whole.

Entrepreneurs have a vital role in keeping the wheels of Finnish society and the economy turning. We play an active role in ensuring that our political decision-makers act to improve the environment that small and medium-sized enterprises operate in. We also provide information to the public to help influence opinions and raise public awareness of entrepreneurship in Finland.

Our mission is to create a favourable enterprise climate and provide our members mentoring, networking, information, events and educational opportunities. We all work here for making Helsinki a better place for entrepreneur to run his/her own business.

The small and medium-sized enterprises are the cornerstone of our economy.

The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki:

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises:

National advice line

You may feel alone running your own business in Helsinki. Don’t sit and struggle with business related problems you may face. Be brave and get in touch with us – we will get it sorted!

Our telephone advice service provides a variety of expert business advice and guidance. Members receive expert advice for free, for example

  • employment legislation, working hours, salaries
  • contract law, bookkeeping
  • corporate taxation, trading internationally
  • bankruptcy, credit-related matters, copyright matters
  • unemployment, illness

You can reach our advice line by calling the Federation of Finnish Enterprises switchboard on (09) 229 222 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Please mention when calling us, if you require service in English.

When you ring us, have your membership number ready. You’ll find it either on your membership card, the address labels on your membership newsletters or your membership renewal invoices. Tell us what you’re calling about and your membership number. Your call will be connected to an expert who can help with your problem. Please note that the service may be subject to periods of high demand.

"Just one call to our advice line can be worth your annual membership fee!"