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Becoming international

Central Ostrobothnian Entrepreneurs has been involved in international advisory business in cooperation with Viexpo.

Viexpo is an independent regional expert on internationalisation based in the coastal region of Ostrobothnia, Finland. Viexpo provides small and medium-sized businesses with services and functions that facilitate internationalisation. Viexpo helps enterprises lower the threshold of entering into foreign trade.

For more information on Viexpo, look at the latest newsletter release on this link below viexpo-news. The newsletter is published 2-3 times a year and is sent to all Viexpo members, customers and cooperation partners.


The Federation of Finnish Enterprises internationalization of SMEs supports activities aiming at:

  • reducing the risks of globalization and lowering the threshold of internationalization
  • providing information about market opportunities
  • ensuring that the internationalization of services matches the needs of member-companies. See page “Internationalized    Lobbying” for more information

Under this section you will find practical guidance about Internationalization. The guide has been released by Irma-Liisa Pouttu-Anttila / Infomix Oy.

The Internationalization of enterprises for the Federation of Finnish Enterprises is a group of experts: the internationalization committee. If you have any lobbying-related requests, please contact the Chairman of the Group or contact person . Central Ostrobothnian Entrepreneurs committee representative is Jouni Anttila.

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