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How to Build a Successful Business with Lean Startup Methodology

How to Build a Successful Business with Lean Startup Methodology


22.5.2019 | 17:00


NewCo Helsinki
In English

Are you already an entrepreneur in Finland, but would still like to improve your skills and get support? This event is for business owners who have started their own companies and need peer support and useful information about running a business.

This meetings mentor is Christoph Rabl from Upswing Consulting Oy and the theme is: 

'How to Build a Successful Business with Lean Startup Methodology'

Why do most startups fail?

According to Eric Ries, bestselling author of “The Lean Startup”, traditional management methods do not work for startups, as they operate “under conditions of extreme uncertainty”. Thus, after seeing traditional management methods fail, many entrepreneurs adopt the “Just Do It” school of startups instead.

The Lean Startup methodology provides a structured approach to managing startups and building a sustainable business around its products or services. With a Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop at its core, it is geared towards constantly measuring how customers respond to a product as a means to learn whether to change the original strategy or persevere.

This seminar introduces the core principles of the Lean Startup methodology, relates them to real life cases and demonstrates how it can be applied to all businesses, not just startups.

The mentor Christoph Rabl (Upswing Consulting Oy) has been working with Finnish SMEs for almost 10 years, including 4+ years as core team member, shareholder and board member of a Helsinki based EdTech startup. Building on his experience, he now applies Lean Startup methodology to help startups and SMEs build sustainable international business around their products and services.


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