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About The Federation

The Regional Business Federation of Coastal Ostrobothnia - Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät is a regional organization under Suomen Yrittäjät – The largest business Federation of Finnish enterprises. Our mission is to support our members, local SMEs in doing business in the region. The association does its best to make entrepreneurship an attractive career option.

The federation has 1400 members in Coastal Ostrobothnia and 116 000 members in the whole country. We work hard every day for smoother enterprise operations. We influence the decision-making so that the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises are taken into account as well as possible. We offer you help if you encounter problems in your business. As a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, you will get a ready-made network for cooperation and social interaction with other enterprises.



Our mission is to:

·         Promote entrepreneurship

·         Ensure fair competition

·         Encourage cooperation among entrepreneurs

·         Influencing politician and other authorities

·         Support communications between employers and employees

·         Inform, publication, counseling, training and research activities

·         Promote regional federation activities

·         Promote the well-being of entrepreneurs

·         Increase member satisfaction