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Member benefits

The Regional Organization of Enterprises in Coastal Ostrobothnia offers member benefits to SMEs. The benefits are offered in forms of training, counseling, informing, lobbying, networking and through discounts. 


In order to support international entrepreneurs in Vaasa region we will offer training in subjects such as Finnish language, taxation and legislation, etc. Please, feel free to contact and suggest us training subjects which you think are useful.


Do you have problems with your business? Please, call our national charge-free helpdesk, tel. 09 229 221 (on Monday-Friday, between 9a.m. and 4p.m.). Your call will be transferred to an expert. The helpdesk responds to nearly 55 000 advice requests each year.

Please note that the counseling service is for member enterprises only, so do not forget to give your membership number! It can be found on your membership card, address labels of magazines or the membership fee invoice.

Besides the helpdesk, our members are welcome to contact our office in Vaasa on any subjects in running a business. Contact information in our office can be found here.


You can save considerable amount of money by using our membership discounts, such as in fuel, railway ticket prices, hotels and insurance. These services are offered in various areas by our partners such as Neste Oil, Teboil, Fennia, Viking Line, Elisa, Itella, Fonecta, Holiday Inn and Cumulus, etc. Complete list of our membership discounts can be found here.


We offer you a ready-made network where you can find partners, offer services, share ideas with other entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit: Our current projects.

At the moment we are planning to form an International Committee. It will represent and support international enterprises in the Vaasa region. For information, please visit: International Committee.


The information bulletin of our federation is published for its members six times per year. The bulletin includes information of present subjects such as economy development, financing, taxation, labor law and other changes in legislation.

Our members are also informed immediately through email if there is any fraud or illegal activities happening in the region.


Our federation is a good channel to influence politicians and other authorities. The entire organizational chain in the Federation is involved in lobbying activities. The local associations (Vaasa Entrepreneurs - Vaasan Yrittäjät) play an important role in economic policies at municipal and regional levels. Regional organizations (The Regional Organization of Enterprises Central Ostrobothnia - Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät) have considerable influence in their own regions and municipalities. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises promotes the interest of enterprises with the government, ministries, parliament, and major interest organizations, nationally and within the European Union.

The main fields of interest for the federation in public affairs are:

  • Taxation
  • Labor market policies, employment
  • Legal issues dealing with businesses
  • Functioning of the public sector
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • International policy lobbying, mainly within the EU


There are three national magazines published by the federation.

Membership magazines Y-Pressi (In Finnish) and Företagare i Finland (In Swedish) are published six times per year and they are sent to all member companies.

The monthly YrittäjäSanomat-magazine (In Finnish) is also sent to all members. It reports on important issues that influence your everyday business at the right time for you. We also give advice for better success. The newspaper has over 105 000 business readers.

Yrittäjä-magazine (In Finnish) keeps you up-to-date about your and other entrepreneur’s joys and worries. The magazine can be ordered in member price at:


SYNERGIA service
The service responds to the frequent hopes of more efficient networking for our member enterprises. You can offer your services to other member enterprises at special prices, discuss with your colleagues, or write a blog, for example. In other words: boost your business via communication and marketing. Register now – free of charge!

For more information, please visit (In Finnish only)