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Our current projects

What can we do to make Vaasa a better place for entrepreneur to run business? Read here!


Get advice, help and ideas from your own mentor

Pohjanmaan Yrityskummit/Business mentors of Ostrobothnia is a project where a group of voluntary experts share their knowledge and experiences with other entrepreneurs for free.

Mentors guide entrepreneurs through the challenges of running your own business. Our network has hundreds of mentors for all business sectors and areas of expertise.

For more details, please go to our website www.botniamentors.fi


Morning coffee events

One of our projects in creating contacts among businesses in Vaasa is called Morning coffee. The meeting is organized occasionally in our office during the morning. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet each other and discuss and share their ideas. Each meeting will have its specific subject concerning running a business, for example online marketing, risk management and challenges in IT.

For more information, please visit: Tapahtumakalenteri (In Finnish only)


International business contacts

If you are looking for contacts, or interested in doing business in Sweden, please do not hesitate to contact us: We have collaboration with Swedish business federation called Västerbottens Företagarna.


Entrepreneurs’ well-being

Our federation wants to support the well-being of entrepreneurs. Running a business can be stressful and entrepreneurs often neglect taking care of their health. The well-being is important to not only entrepreneurs themselves, but also for the success of the business.  Therefore we encourage entrepreneurs to have their regular check-ups and develop healthy hobbies.

Occasionally, we offer courses on how to take care of both, mental and physical health. More details about our latest well-being events can be found in Tapahtumakalenteri (In Finnish only).

Entrepreneurship education

It is necessary for businesses to educate themselves. It requires effort, focus and interaction from entrepreneur and its employees to innovate and renew the business in action. At its best, education motivates to manage through difficulties they may face.

We offer education for entrepreneurs through seminars, events and training courses. The federation offers training for free or in suitable price. Popular themes have for example been management, marketing, sales, business law and taxation.

For more information of upcoming courses, please visit: Upcoming training courses (Only in Finnish)