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Working Life and Entrepreneurship

Working Life and Entrepreneurship


28.4.2020 | 12:30 - 15:15


Online conference (University of Tampere)
Opettajien valmennus

New intelligent technologies are breaking down the structures of the industrialised society and economy, creating frameworks for new work, entrepreneurship and citizenship. What does education that promotes entrepreneurial skills consist of and what type of pedagogics can be used to support it? This event provides answers to these questions, particularly from the teacher’s perspective. The event is targeted for students of educational sciences and others interested in the subject. Warmly welcome to the afternoon of working life and entrepreneurship!

This event is an online conference. You can participate via internet.

Program 28.4.2020 

12.30 Keynote: Entrepreneurship Education 3.0. From the margins to the mainstream?

  • Joonas Mikkilä, Head of Digital and Educational Affairs, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät)

Short break

13.45 Workshops: Ideas and methods to the teacher´s toolbox

  • The national core curriculum for basic education and entrepreneurship education – a perfect match or a forced marriage? Lauri Vaara, pedagogical expert, Economy and youth TAT
  • Circular economy in teaching, Päivi Kosunen,Economy and youth TAT

15.15 The event ends 

>> Register for the event here: www.lyyti.in/Tampere_english

For more information, please contact Päivi Ojala, Suomen Yrittäjät, Puh. 040 582 2368, /osaaviaopettajia

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