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What is Synergia

Synergia is a new service for interaction between the members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The service can be found at
The service also includes ʻYrityshakuʼ enterprise search, which is availabe to all.
Essential functions of Synergia to registered members:

  • a wider audience for your enterprise than before
  • making offers to other member companies
  • creating groups and acting in groups
  • discussion forum.

The ʻYrityshakuʼ enterprise search open to all

As before, the ʻYrityshakuʼ service is open to all who want to search for enterprises. The visibility in the search requires that the member has given permission to publish its information.

How to register in Synergia

For the first use of Synergia, the member must register with the service using his or her Business ID and the membership number. The user specifies a password which will be used to log in to the service at a later date. A message concerning the registration will be sent to the email address that the member company entered in the member register.

Logging in to Synergia

For the following uses of Synergia, the registered user will log in using his or her email address and the specified password.

Synergia for the logged-in user

After logging in to Synergia, the users can introduce their companies and products in a wider sense by updating their information. The company can direct their offers to other members based on the regional organisation and field. Offers directed to the member can be viewed on the member's own page. The member can also view other offers on the offer page.

Via the blog, you can share the joys and worries of business or news from your own field. If you want to tell others about your services or membership benefits, you can leave a message on your own page.

Synergia also has a discussion forum where enterprises can discuss issues using their own names. Anyone can read the discussions but the logged-in member companies only can take part in the conversations.

A logged-in member can create a group and join groups founded by other members. The groups can either be open or closed. In the groups, people can share information, images, articles, etc., discuss themes specified in the group, and agree on events.

Lost password

 f you happen to forget your password, you can order a new one to be sent to your email address from the Synergia log-in page.