Business owner and employee skills and education

Investment in skills and entrepreneurship ensure Finland’s success story can continue for the next century and beyond.

A lack of skilled employees hinders businesses and their growth. This shortage slows down the economy, curbs employment and weakens the welfare state. Suomen Yrittäjät wants to point the way towards a Finland that grows on skills and entrepreneurship.

Towards a skills system

The system that teaches skills must consist of more than just schools and higher education: it must also include workplaces, other learning environments, owners of educational businesses, and companies developing learning technology. It must provide tailored solutions both for individuals and businesses at different learning stages.

Towards a skills policy

There needs to be a transition from an early childhood and youth education policy to a skills policy that recognizes the need for lifelong learning. This demands a departure from the traditional education-centric thinking and a shift to a new, skills-centric one.

Towards new entrepreneurship

The skills system must produce enterprise-minded workers, as well as independent business leaders able to creatively seize the opportunities provided by the new economy and succeed in diverse settings. This new entrepreneurship must be nurtured in cooperation between schools, higher education, businesses and enterprise agencies.

Towards new skills

To capitalize on the new opportunities for skills and nurturing enterprise, however, we must dare to let go of the old. Practices which once worked brilliantly may no longer be profitable.

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Mikko Kinnunen

Educational Affairs Specialist
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