Research, development and innovation (RDI)

Along with skills, scientific research and the applied development and innovation generated by enterprise is Finland’s most important source of growth and well-being. That is why Finland’s combined public and private RDI investments must be increased to four per cent of GDP by 2030.

Stronger innovation ecosystems

In future, businesses will continue to be the primary RDI investors in Finland, and they must be encouraged to invest further through public funding. Businesses’ RDI funding opportunities must be sufficient and targeted towards businesses of different sizes and at different growth stages. Action must also be taken on the national level to speed up businesses’ access to EU and other international funding.

Information about progressive solutions should flow as openly as possible in businesses’ and other innovation organizations’ ecosystem. To deploy new technology, both technical understanding and enough of the business skill demanded by the new economy must be available.

More open universities and research institutes

The Finnish state must ensure funding for basic and applied research in third-level and research institutes. They must produce pathbreaking ideas and highly skilled entrepreneurship. In addition, stronger encouragement is needed for development partnerships between education and research institutes and growth-oriented businesses.

Educational and research institutes’ service role as open pilot and innovation environments must be strengthened. Simultaneously, the material, methods and results of publicly funded research must be openly available to other researchers, the public and business.

Innovation-friendlier regulation

The government must make innovation-friendly regulation which enables the development and deployment of new technology, supports the growth of innovative businesses, and makes Finland a desirable place for investment and doing business. Public procurement, opening of public data and new common development models of public services can also support the development of innovative businesses.


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