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Guide to starting your own business

When you’ve read this guide, you’ll know about the differences between different types of companies, how to make a business plan and how to apply for initial funding. You’ll be able to register your new business and take care of the most important paperwork. And the best thing is you’ll know the most common mistakes that a new business owner should avoid and know the cornerstones of marketing.

Entrepreneur: this is how you identify and avoid scams

Scams and criminal fraud aimed at businesses have increased significantly in the 21st century. Directory enquiry scams alone cost businesses €20 million annually. This guide presents the most common types of scams directed at businesses. We also tell you what to do if you are the victim of attempted fraud or realize you have been defrauded. Suomen Yrittäjät advises and helps its members in fighting fraud.

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The ABC of copyright for new entrepreneurs

Do you know how you manage your intellectual property rights (IPR) as an entrepreneur? IPR mean rights to immaterial property. It’s worth knowing the basics of IPR before you set up your company. It could even affect what name you choose to give your business.

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The entrepreneur’s climate guide

In this guide, we present simple methods you can use to tackle climate change in your business operations. Choose, for example, ten things you can commit to in the next few months. When they have become routine, chose the next ten. Daily choices matter both at home and at work!

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Financing and services for the internationally expanding entrepreneur

The world is full of opportunities and many limits are often merely imaginary. Be brave and set your sights outside Finland! When you plan on expanding your company outside Finland, you often need additional funding and good advice for every step of the process. This guide gives you information about whom to consult in each situation.

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