HEI Network

A network for international business owners

The international HEI Network (Helsinki Entrepreneurs International) of Helsingin Yrittäjät brings together business owners interested in being international. The network’s activities provide business owners with support for internationalization, including exports, imports and entering new markets. The main goal of the HEI Network is to serve as a platform for networking among international and internationalizing business owners in Helsinki.

Joining the HEI Network is free and does not require membership of an entrepreneurial organization. The operating language of the network is English. The Network regularly holds Business Date evening events for all business owners interested in being international. You can find the upcoming events in the event calendar of Helsingin Yrittäjät under ‘HEI Network’.

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The 2023 board of HEI Network

A board of directors, which consists of businesspeople from different industries, is responsible for the operations of Helsingin Yrittäjät’s HEI Network. The HEI Network’s board is elected annually to coordinate the Network’s activities, organize events and communicate with business owners about topical themes. Every year, the board selects an HEI Internationalizer of the Year from the membership.

  • Chairman, Ulla Leppäkoski-Juvonen, NailStation Oy (nailstation@hotmail.fi)
  • Raija Lehtinen, Punainen lanka (raija.lehtinen@punainenlanka.fi)
  • Isabella Haas, EDEL City Oy, (isabella.haas@edelcity.com)
  • John Samuel, John Samuel Fitness, (johnsamuelfitness@gmail.com)
  • Sumita Sahu (info@sumitaconsulting.com)

Did you know? The HEI Network was established in spring 2016 on the initiative of Sarianne Reinikkala, the then-chair of Helsingin Yrittäjät. The first chair of the HEI Network was Raija Lehtinen, the owner of Punainen Lanka. The Network’s kick-off event was held on 24 May 2016 at Yrityslinna. The network has held events in Helsinki and arranged internationalization trips to Tallinn (2017), Oslo (2018) and Switzerland (2019).