A progressive and healthy workplace

Digitalization is changing how we do work and how workplaces function in almost every business. The greatest benefits of digital solutions arise only once the entire workplace has jointly committed to using those solutions. Commitment is created through dialogue.

Digitalisation – for example digital tools, artificial intelligence or different working platforms – now affects almost all work communities and professions. The new ways of serving customers, working with others or, for example, working from multiple locations, made possible by digitalisation, are changing the way we work.

Successful use of digitalisation will enable significant improvements in productivity, work communities and well-being at work.

However, the biggest benefits of digitalisation usually come only when practices and service processes are renewed. Dialogue between management and staff is needed in the workplace. When you conduct that dialogue, you can take advantage of the guide below. It has been complied by labour market organizations and Suomen Yrittäjät and discusses perspectives and questions about digitalization.

The dialogue is facilitated by the fact that it is given time and space. For example, it could be a series of conversations in the workplace. Ongoing informal discussion is also useful.

Dialogue on the use of digitalisation in workplaces

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