Entrepreneurship is an attitude and a passion. It’s about wanting to do things better, with professional pride every day.

And yes, we know that when you start a business there are a whole lot of things to work out and
decisions to make, all of which just have to be done. To support you in making these decisions
we want to offer you this guide as a companion at the start of your business journey.

On these pages you can find information about the differences between different types of companies,
how to make a business plan and how to apply for initial funding. You’ll be able to register
your new business and take care of the most important paperwork. And the best thing is you’ll
know the most common mistakes that a new business owner should avoid and know the cornerstones
of marketing.

Welcome! You’re starting a journey that could change your entire life.

Tax and finance

Growth and development

The growth of any business relies on its owner’s desire for growth, a good business idea, and strong skills. Many forms of support and advice are available for businesses seeking growth.

Growth and development

From invention to product

The path of an idea or invention to the markets goes through many stages: before the actual production and marketing come design, trial production, development and evaluations. This page will get you started with your own development plans.

From invention to product

Contracts and rights

A business should analyse and protect the intellectual property rights that are important for its operations. Patents and trademarks are ways of protecting yourself against imitators.

Intellectual property rights

Brand and marketing

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