Member benefits
VENI Energia Electricity and energy services


VENI Energia helps its customers to buy electricity with lower price and takes care of all electricity contract related matters. To members of Suomen Yrittäjät we offer these services with 20% discount.

Affordable electricity to members of Suomen Yrittäjät

VENI Energia is an independent electricity market consultant and specialist in electricity procurement, not an electricity supplier. We have different procurement concepts for companies of all sizes, they all protect you from unfavourable price fluctuations and peaks.

VENI’s procurement specialist are doing the competitive tendering and electricity procurement on behalf of the customer. We make sure, that electricity is purchased from the whole sale market with the best possible price, according to the best interest of our customers. Margin of the delivery contract is always competitive and all risks are in our control.

In our Energy Audit service we check customer’s electricity bills to find different kind of errors. If we will find an error, we will charge our service fee with 30% discount. If we do not find any errors, the Energy Audit will be free. No cure – no pay! 

Join this joint purchase of Yrittäjä members 

You can get these membership benefits also through Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta, which is another daughter company in VENI Group. Join the service and make a contract by contacting VENI customer service 020 7414 110 or or Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta 044 5871 700 or

Please give your Suomen Yrittäjät membership number when contacting us. If you already are VENI’s or Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta’s customer, please inform us to get the membership benefit.

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