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Frequently asked questions

The mobile membership card is environmentally friendly and always travels with your mobile device. It’s also cost-effective, while keeping you up to date with the latest news, current benefits and events. You can also use it to update your member information.

You can order a plastic card from the following address: https://www.yrittajat.fi/en/place-an-order-for-your-plastic-membership-card/ Please note that you must first log in to the Member Service with your login details. You will receive your plastic card approximately two weeks after you have paid your membership fee.

You can order one plastic card per membership free of charge. If you want more plastic cards, you can contact your regional organisation or our Member Services at jasenpalvelu@yrittajat.fi. The price of additional cards is €5 each. You will receive your plastic card approximately two weeks after you have paid your membership fee.

You’ll find the Yrittäjät app in your app store, which will allow your membership card to go wherever you go.
Alternatively, you can also use your membership card via your browser and by logging in to Member Services.

You can already find the Yrittäjät app in your app store and download it from the Google and Apple app stores.

The mobile app can be used by all persons in your member company, provided they have an email address linked to your company in our Register of Members. If necessary, you can contact your regional association to add people in your organisation.

Please note that the amount of your membership fee is based on the number of people in your company. If you add more people to your company, your membership fee will change accordingly.

The app is only available for smartphones. If you wish, you can order a plastic membership card separately by logging into Member Services.

The app is available for Android and iOS. That is, not just Apple, but all the well-known Android phone brands.

You can find instructions here https://www.yrittajat.fi/en/services-and-benefits/matters-related-to-membership/membership-card/ or you can give feedback on the application tuki@yrittajat.fi

We lobby on behalf of all Finnish companies, but our services, such as the mobile membership card, are only available to our members.

To use the app and the mobile membership card, the user must have an email address associated with the member company in our Register of Members.

The old Yrittäjät app will be usable for those who have downloaded it until the end of January 2024. The application will then stop working. You can start using the new Yrittäjät app right away and delete the old app from your phone.


In the app, you can choose between Finnish, Swedish or English. Please note that the content of the app is currently only available in Finnish.

Plastic membership cards will not be sent to senior members. They, too, can activate the mobile app via their own personal email after downloading the app from the app store.

You can find detailed instructions on how to set up your Neste benefit here >>

The app will keep you up to date with the latest entrepreneurial news, events and benefits. You can also customise your own data and the alerts you receive through the app about new benefits and events. No need to carry a separate plastic membership card – you can show your membership directly from the app if you need to.

You can change it directly in the app under My details. The information is updated directly in our Register of Members. If there are any other changes to the information or if you have any questions about the invoice, for example, you can contact your regional association or our Member Services: jasenpalvelu@yrittajat.fi