1.2.2021 16:56

10 most important issues for business owners in the local elections

Local businesses: the lifeblood of the municipality

What would your home municipality look like if there were no businesses in it? How would it fund the welfare services that residents need? This is something to think about in the run-up to the local elections on 18 April. If local businesses are to succeed, local councillors must consider businesses’ issues when making decisions.

  1. Public-sector spending must be reduced if we want the economy to grow.
  2. Municipalities and businesses need to talk to each other. That is what business policy is all about.
  3. When a municipality makes decisions, it must assess the impact on businesses.
  4. Construction and infrastructure create a strong foundation: businesses need permits and zoning decisions quickly!
  5. Municipalities should help businesses: businesses should be able to submit documents electronically to a one-stop shop.
  6. The boom in remote working is an opportunity for many municipalities.
  7. Public-sector tenders can boost businesses: municipalities must keep small businesses in mind!
  8. Fewer municipal corporations and more local entrepreneurship!
  9. Businesses should be involved in providing services for local residents.
  10. Bring nursery schools and education into the present day: young people deserve to learn about running their own businesses.

You can read the full Suomen Yrittäjät local election programme (in Finnish), “Local businesses: The lifeblood of the municipality”, at yrittajat.fi/yrittajat/kuntavaalit-2021