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2.4.2020 08:14

Corona virus – frequently asked questions and answers for entrepreneurs

Updated 2.4.2020

In the attached pdf you’ll find answers concerning the following topics

  • What did the government decide on 20 March?
  • The coronavirus is spreading in the community in Finland.
  • What should be done in the workplace?
  • Employment, salary payment, remote work and quarantine
  • Questions about laying staff off
  • Questions about annual leave
  • Questions about Act on Co-operation within Undertakings
  • When an entrepreneur falls ill or goes into quarantine
  • Questions about business operations
  • Contracts between companies
  • Contracts between a company and consumers
  • Businesses’ insurance policies
  • Paying rent on business premises
  • Questions about the wider economic situation
  • Questions about taxation
  • Questions about financing