15.4.2021 14:34

Entrepreneur, if you wish to apply for unemployment benefit retrospectively, the deadline is today!

Entrepreneurs can apply for unemployment benefit due to the corona epidemic from 16 March to 30 June. If you wish to apply the benefit retrospectively, starting from 16 March, you must register to the TE-Office no later than today, Wednesday, April 15th.

You can also apply for unemployment benefit after that, but you may not receive the benefit until the date of registration.

You can claim an unemployment benefit if your income is less than EUR 1089.67 per month due to the epidemic, or full-time employment in the company has changed or ended altogether. You must estimate your own revenue and report it to the TE Office, which will carry out the necessary checks. The entrepreneur must also notify the TE Office of any changes in the situation.

 – It is important to register with the TE Office on time, says Kela’s lawyer, Teija Hautera.

– We are making our own new online application but it is still in the process. The applications is lighter than normal and all of the unnecessary questions (for the entrepreneur) have been removed. It will be public on 16 April. The unemployment benefit of an entrepreneur is not a normal labour market allowance, so the application does not have to go through everything in the same detail as usual,” Says Hautera.

Kela has received about 400 entrepreneurs labour market support statements from the TE Office.