22.12.2020 15:26

Has your turnover decreased more than 30% during June-October? Apply for business cost support (second round) – Here you can find help with the application

The electronic application service for business cost support II opened on the State Treasury’s pages on Monday 21 December at 9. Help with the application can be found both at the State Treasury’s customer service and FAQ and also at free webinars of Suomen Yrittäjät. The second application round for cost support will end on February 26, 2021

Business support can be applied for the period of June to October. All companies whose turnover has decreased by at least 30% as a result of the corona crisis can apply for support. The business cost support is intended for all companies that meet the criteria.

If the company does not belong to sectors defined in the regulation, it must separately justify the need for the support and reduced turnover due to the corona situation. Companies in the listed sectors can apply for support without further justification.

Prepare the necessary information for the application in advance – With the help of the calculator you can estimate if you are eligible for support.

Before applying, it is good to ensure that all the information needed to complete the application is available. According to the State Treasury’s announcement, this information is needed:

• Monthly sales data during the support and comparison months if the information has not been reported to the Tax Administration through a monthly VAT return

• Monthly data on inflexible costs and losses during June-October

• Information on other corona-related insurance claims and support received

The State Treasury receives the company’s other financial and salary information from the Tax Administration and the income register.

The State Treasury’s website has a calculator with which you can estimate whether the company is eligible for support. The result is not an official decision on the business cost support and it must be applied for separately via the electronic e-service.

Where can you get help filling out the application? How can entrepreneurs justify their eligibility?

If the company cannot apply for business cost support on the basis of the sector classification, the company must state particularly compelling reasons why its turnover has fallen due to the corona situation. According to the State Treasury, particularly compelling reasons can be considered to be, for example, such a restriction or provision that has made it more difficult to carry out the business.

Help is available through these channels:

1. The State Treasury’s customer service (weekdays 9-15 on the number +358 295 50 3050)

2. The State Treasury’s page “Frequently asked questions about business cost support (2nd round of application)

3. The State Treasury’s instructional video on the website.

4. Suomen Yrittäjät, the State Treasury and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will arrange free and open update on cost support for all entrepreneurs on 7.1 and 8.1. (in Finnish). See further information.