17.4.2019 09:53

Starting Your Own Business Guide is ready for downloading

Our beloved Yrityksen perustamisen opas is now available in English. When you’ve read Starting Your Own Business Guide, you’ll know about the differences between different types of companies, how to make a business plan and how to apply for initial funding. You’ll be able to register your new business and take care of the most important paperwork. And the best thing is you’ll know the most common mistakes that a new business owner should avoid and know the cornerstones of marketing.

In our guide we tell you:

  • How do I choose right type of company in Finland? Sole trader, limited partnership or limited liability company? Where to get help when thinking about which type of company to register.
  • How do i write a business plan? Don’t be afraid of doing a business plan – this is how to do it easilyWhy do a business plan?
  • How do I apply for initial funding? What you must do to receive initial funding?
  • Entrepreneur’s permits and notifications
  • Permits and notifications a new entrepreneur should remember
  • Company registration form: How to fill in the company registration form – 8 essentials
  • How do I set up correct invoicing for my business? Quick guidance for a new entrepreneur
  • What are an entrepreneur’s obligations? 6 things an entrepreneur must always see to
  • Marketing checklist: Do you want customers to find your product or service? How should I invest in marketing?

Entrepreneurship is an attitude and a passion. It’s about wanting to do things better, with professional pride every day. It’s wonderful that you’ve chosen this path. 

Download the free guide here: https://startabusiness.yrittajat.fi/