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Beware of scam messages about trademarks

The PRH warns businesses about scam messages.

The Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has issued a warning for businesses and private individuals who have applied for trademarks. Scam messages claiming to come from the European Union Intellectual Property Rights Office (EUIPO) are circulating. The messages demand payment of a registration fee. Scam messages in both English and Finnish are circulating.

The PRH says that the messages might come with a registration certificate or other document bearing a copy of the EUIPO’s logo.

“The PRH urges particular caution with all kinds of messages that request payment of fees for trademark registration or which offer services related to the publication of trademarks,” the press release says.

The PRH says that recipients should always read the content of any message before paying or making a commitment. Neither the EUIPO nor the PRH posts or emails invoices.

The PRH says that trademark applicants and holders receive a large number of misleading letters, bogus invoices and payment demands.

See some sample scam messages here.

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