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12.5.2023 18:51

Good news for business users of WhatsApp: easier contact with customers

In future, WhatsApp will allow using the same account on several phones.

WhatsApp users have long hoped for a change which would allow them to use the same WhatsApp account on several mobile devices. Now, the Meta-owned app has said that this will be possible in future.

The change means that a WhatsApp account can be used at the same time on several smartphones. Users are due to see the new feature in the next few weeks.

Users will be able to use an account on several devices by linking them to an existing account. They will no longer need to sign in with the phone number; a QR code will be enough. A user can scan the code using their main device. Users will be able to use up to four devices per account.

The feature is particularly useful for businesses, as it will allow several users to keep in touch with customers. Because the main device will not need to be switched on or online, users can more easily access the account, as they can access the app on other linked devices. The other devices will be removed from the account if the main device has been inactive for 14 days. All messages will be synchronized between linked devices.

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Pauli Reinikainen