14.3.2023 13:49

Juhana Brotherus appointed chief economist at Suomen Yrittäjät

Juhana Brotherus will start as chief economist at Suomen Yrittäjät in April.

Juhana Brotherus, MSc, 37, is transferring to Suomen Yrittäjät, the Finnish SME association, from the chief economist and director role at Hypo, the housing-specialized credit institution.

Brotherus begins work at Suomen Yrittäjät on 11 April. As a vice president and chief economist, he will be responsible for the association’s economics and tax team, whose former head Mika Kuismanen left to become CEO of gambling lobby Rahapeliala ry in January.

Brotherus says that Suomen Yrittäjät champions the SMEs which are critical for economic growth and employment.

“In the years to come, independent business ownership will become even more important as the challenges posed by an ageing population inevitably demand new solutions across society. Fair competition, incentivizing taxation and a functioning labour market give business owners the opportunity to boost welfare throughout Finland,” Brotherus says.

“Suomen Yrittäjät is passionate about what it does, and contributes in many ways to the development of the whole country. Those same factors are present in my own background as a director and chief economist. It’s a great joy and honour to become part of the skilled team at Suomen Yrittäjät and make Finland an even better place for SMEs to succeed,” he adds.

Brotherus has worked in Hypo since 2004 and in the banking sector for 15 years in total. He is also known as a keen Twitter user.

“The years at Hypo and in the banking sector have been an extremely rewarding time. The economy, employment and the housing market will continue to remain important themes for me. Big thanks go to all my colleagues for this shared journey.”

Mikael Pentikäinen, CEO and President of Suomen Yrittäjät, says Brotherus is a multi-talented, skilled and respected economist.

“He takes part actively in debates about economic policy. I’m convinced that under Juhana’s leadership the value and significance of SMEs as a force for economic growth and dynamism will only increase,” Pentikäinen says.

“Suomen Yrittäjät wants to advocate for a healthy economy and sustainable growth. Finland’s sustainable growth is only possible if Finnish businesses are successful. That is why our association’s message should be heard,” Pentikäinen says.

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